Welcome to our Corporate Headquarters!

Thank you for visiting my website.  I'm Lise-Ann, the owner-operator of Garden Cottage Blooms.  My little garden cottage grew (pun intended!) out of an old wood shed that was transformed with a new roof line and windows and doors found on Craigslist.  It's one-part duck coop and one-part floral studio and the inspiration and headquarters for Garden Cottage Blooms!   I grow and sell seasonal, field-grown flowers, dahlia tubers and duck eggs.



What We Offer

Fresh. Local.  Beautiful.  That's our motto, and our promise.  

We offer unique, locally grown, sustainable seasonal cut flowers, flower arrangements, dahlia tubers, and farm fresh duck eggs.

Located on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula in Washington state (Zone 8B), our 5 acre property is the realization of a dream to surround ourselves with nature and cultivate beauty.