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Welcome to Garden Cottage Blooms

Thank you for visiting my website.  I'm Lise-Ann, the owner-operator of Garden Cottage Blooms.  I'm a small grower with big dreams (and big plans!).  My little garden cottage is the inspiration and headquarters for Garden Cottage Blooms! 


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What We Offer

Fresh. Local.  Beautiful.  That's the motto, and the promise.  

I grow an extensive collection of dahlias and offer unique, locally grown, seasonal cut flowers, dahlia tubers, and farm fresh duck eggs.

Located on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula in Washington state (Zone 8B), my 5 acre property is the realization of a dream to surround myself with nature and cultivate beauty. 

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In 2018 we bought our new home and 5 acre property. The property came complete with several outbuildings (wood shed and storage shed) but they were devoid of any architectural character. One was an open-sided drive shed, and the other resembled a large shipping container plopped unceremoniously in the center of our yard.

The former structure was transformed into my "She Shed" and the latter into my "Garden Cottage". 

In 2020, Garden Cottage Blooms was born. It grew (excuse the pun) out of my love of dahlias and the large dahlia garden I planted in front of it and around its perimeter. Elsewhere on the property I grow narcissus, tulips, anemones, iris, lilies, peonies, roses, glads, hydrangea, sweet peas, zinnias and cosmos.

While I get to enjoy the beauty of nature when I'm working in my garden, surrounded by my ducks, having a pretty space to condition and arrange flowers, take notes, save seeds, etc, required that I "fluff" the inside of the Garden Cottage too. Enter some pretty floral fabric and some solar-powered string lights and voila, a 3-season work and dream space.

I plan to spend lots of time sitting at my little desk inside my Garden Cottage making plans for the next growing season. I hope you'll join me on my adventures.

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