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What to Expect When Ordering Tubers



All tubers are sold as single tubers - not in clumps. Tuber sizes can vary considerably depending on the variety. The size of the tuber does not define the health of your plant.

We will provide you with healthy, quality dahlia tubers, true to variety and in prime condition for growing. 

All orders will begin shipping beginning in mid-late March and completed in April, based on the conditions in your area.  We want to ensure the danger of frost has passed in your area to ensure your tubers remain viable.  Shipping will occur via USPS 2-Day Priority Mail.

Please inspect your tubers upon arrival.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.  I want you to be satisfied, however, please understand that I cannot be held liable for extreme growing conditions, neglect, or pest damage.  Please let me know by July 30 of the same growing season of any concerns.


Because we are dealing with a live product, there is always the chance that a problem occurred during harvesting or storage, and we won’t be able to supply everything you order.  We try to account for loss during storage with a fairly conservative margin.  However, occasionally the loss is greater than expected, causing shortage in supply.  Should this situation arise, we would like to offer you one of the following options: 

  1. Refunds - We'll refund you the cost of the tubers we couldn't supply

  2. Credit + 10% - We’ll give you a credit to use on any future order for the cost of the tubers we couldn’t deliver, plus 10% extra. 


When you receive our tubers, open your package and inspect them.  Please return them to their packaging material and store in a cool (not cold, and certainly not freezing) location, prior to planting. 

Plant your dahlias outside after your USDA growing zone’s last frost date, once the soil has wormed a little.  Check the forecast to avoid a long stretch of heavy rain at planting time, and plant in a location with well-draining soil.  Your dahlias should sprout about 5 weeks after planting.  We recommend planting your tubers in the ground; dahlias are not container lovers.

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